1. Normal Services of a Freight Forwarder.
    1. Upon receipt of shipping instructions from clients, cargo is booked and delivery instructions issued; coordinate inland delivery of cargo to overseas carriers and solve problems germane to the cargo's dispatch.
    2. Prepare dock receipts and lodge with inland carrier, receiving terminal and supplying plant; prepare ocean bill of lading, "SED" shipper export declaration and other pertinent shipping documents in accordance with present Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Including "SED" electronic filing.
    3. Distribute documents to carriers or Customs, and retrieve the processed documents: prepay freight and accessorial charges and audit as required.
    4. Prepare consular invoices, customs entries, certificates of origin and other special documents; process letters of credit and prepare drafts necessary to accomplish banking phase of shipment; process and place complete marine insurance coverage under shipper's or Footner's open policy.
  2. Associated Services
    1. Assist with proposals, bids and contracts for overseas shipments, including construction projects; prepare logistics for shipping phase.
    2. Rate negotiations and appointment of overseas forwarders and agents as required.
    3. Assist with preparation of purchase orders, commercial invoices, and shipping instructions.
    4. Finalize arrangements with ocean and air carriers, obtain facilities for marshaling cargo, and contract for space and services in ports through which cargo will move.
    5. Marshall the accumulation, consolidation and loading of cargo at USA ports; handle preparations for receipt of cargo at destination on turn-key contracts.
    6. Arrange for Logistical Engineering Services on Project Cargoes (operating with various computer applications)
    7. Coordinate pre-inspection requirements by organizations such as Societe Generate de Surveillance (SGS), et at.
  3. Complete range of services obtainable.
    1. Acting as exporter or importer for conference purposes; acting as purchasing agent for importer; arranging banking financing for exporter.
    2. Acting for buyers at port of export for consolidating shipments; facilitating import licensing and transportation.
    3. Operating as inland consolidation or groupage agent; handling air cargo as an indirect carrier; serving as a cargo or ship broker in arrangin the charter of aircraft or vessels.
    4. Operating under approval from the Federal Maritime Commission as a Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC).
    5. Operating warehouse and container facilities to skull/strip ocean or air containers; providing carting/trucking services including export packing, dismantling and rigging.
    6. Arranging in-house representation at contractor's premises or marshaling areas for project forwarding; inspecting cargo and loading of material into containers at supplier's works.
    7. Arranging translations of correspondence for import or export movements.
    8. Prepayment of Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF) on Imports to U.S. Customs.

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