About Us

Footner and Company, Inc. was founded in March, 1950 as a partnership with the opening of an office in Baltimore for the purpose of entering the international forwarding industry. Roberto I. Gutierrez, its first president, was one of the original founders and partners. In 1959, the Company was incorporated under the laws of the State of Maryland.

Footner and Company, Inc. is an ocean transportation Intermediary Licensed Ocean Freight Forwarder and Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier under FMC-OTI License No. 001ON/F. The firm also holds a corporate Customs Broker License No. 9767, as well as IATA (International Air Transport Association) license number 12252, as an air cargo agent.

International Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage are highly competitive services, and one indication of the success of a firm is the superior quality of its clients and personnel. Through the years, our Company has added a number of internationally known shippers.

We are keenly aware that knowledge of changing world conditions, shipping innovations, facilities, and procedures are vital to our continued successful operation. The awareness of our clients' needs, our persistence, and our determination are the principal characteristics of our Company's success.

Footner and Company, Inc. is a founding member of "Global Freight Group" -- a world-wide association of firms our size. This enables us to provide representation in all major U.S. ports and most major foreign ports. Footner has the capacity and technology to handle any Export/Import shipment in the U.S.A. We become directly responsible for rendering required services to our shippers.

Our Company's philosophy is to be the biggest asset to a shipper. The Company has never been interested in being the largest, but only to be the very best. This is what elevates us above our competition.

Today, the stock ownership of Footner and Company, Inc. rests solely with the Gutierrez family of ten heirs. Some family members serve as officers, directors, and consultants. We are assured of continuity, and strive for a successful operation into the twenty-first century.

We look forward to your inquiries without obligation.