While the items listed below are not an all-encompassing list, they offer some of the main benefits of entrusting Footner & Company, Inc. with all of your forwarding requirements.

  1. Management availability - Owners and top-managers are accessible daily and are involved personally with each customer's shipments.
  2. Employee tenure - The majority of our employees have at least 10 years of experience with Footner & Company.
  3. Employee Experience - The majority of our employees have in excess of 20 years of transportation experience.
  4. Account familiarity - Footner & Company has been servicing our clients for over fifty years, as a result we are very familiar with all of their requirements.
  5. Competitive pricing - Our fees are among the most reasonable in the industry.
  6. Computer standards - Through the years we have devoted a considerable amount of resources to maintaining a modern and updated computer system.
  7. Letter of Credit services - We routinely review Letters of Credit to ensure that our customer's best financial interests are protected.
  8. Transportation rates - We research all transportation requirements so that we can offer the most competitive yet timely services.
  9. Claims management - We have routinely negotiated discrepancies with vendors to recover monies for our customers or to prevent them from paying any additional charges.